Religion & Prejudice

“The role of religion is paradoxical. It makes and it unmakes prejudice.”

– Gordon Allport

Are we a prejudice people? Do we as a church outcast others who are not like us? Or, rather, is it the individual who is segregating himself from the church in light of identifying with a people or a culture?

Is this an institutional problem, or an individual problem?

On one hand some of the church is guilty for not reaching out to the people of the community. We should reach out to all sinners, regardless of ethnicity and color.

On the other hand, individuals need to do a better job at adhering to what the Bible states opposed to advancing personal agendas.

The Bible is not about the social gospel. The Bible is not about the prosperity gospel. The Bible is not about a feel good culture that holds hands with the world.

It’s about something bigger. It’s about God and his love for us. It’s the greatest story ever told. It’s the story of redemption.

Let’s not allow our personal opinions and theology to affect how we treat God’s Holy Word.


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